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We've Seen the Future

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is revolutionizing architecture, engineering, construction, and facility management. This future is each discipline working together based on an integrated and living database and virtual model of your building. Optimizing this technology for your firm and your projects is much more than just learning the software: it's understanding how we can best leverage BIM's capabilities, work together, and build exceptional projects. This means new ways of doing business, new models of managing your internal and external teams, and new formats for project data, documentation, and evolution.

We're Working There Now

Quarry Group is architects, consultants, and technology experts who are living and practicing BIM in our own design and construction projects today. Our focus and passion is the business of A/E/C and fundamentally of building delivery - we're not software resellers or IT consultants. As practicing architects, we intimately understand the business processes within A/E/C firms. This means not just how the technology works, but what it means in terms of project management; risk, reward, and fees; and communication protocol.

You Can Too

Quarry has broad and deep talents for helping others achieve the potential of BIM. As BIM practitioners we've had a thorough education: with Quarry as your BIM advisors you'll benefit from our lessons learned. This means optimizing both BIM Practice (how you work) and BIM Technology (the tools you use). Our mission is better designs, better construction, improved process, and a better bottom line for you.

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