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About Quarry Group

Quarry Group, Inc., Perdue Hubbard Architects is a provider of Architecture Services utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM), 4D modeling tools, as well as consulting to other professionals on the implementation, support and mentoring services of transitioning to the future of architectural delivery.   Our mission is to utilize and promote BIM and Revit software knowledge across the building design and construction industries.  The Quarry Group name is an analog to the mining and processing 4-D building information data.

Christopher Hubbard, AIA

As Corporate President, Principal Architect, and co-lead of Architecture and Consulting Services within Quarry Group, Inc., Chris is focused on Successful projects as well as developing best practices for the successful technical implementation of Revit/BIM software internally and across other project teams. Chris is also responsible for driving Quarry Groupís technology strategy with BIM content development, Revit application development, and the development of methods to mine, process and extend meaningful BIM project data to project and enterprise stakeholders. A registered architect, Chris brings 9 years of practicing architectural experience using CAD software tools on Architecture, Engineering and Building Construction projects in commercial, industrial, mixed use, institutional, government, education, ecclesiastical and health care markets. Chris also has over 19 years experience with CADD software on commercial projects. Chris holds a Masters Degree in Architecture and a Bachelor of Science Architecture degree from Lawrence Technological University in Detroit, MI.

Byron Perdue

As Vice President, Principal Architect, and co-lead of Consulting Services within Quarry Group, Inc., Byron is focused on developing best practices for 4D Architecture and managing successful project implementation on live AEC projects. Byron is responsible for driving forward Revit/BIM project implementation strategy, project set-up, and project management strategy across all project phases and participants. Byron also manages the documentation of Quarry training content, processes and best practices. A registered architect, Byron brings 34 years of project and architectural experience, with the last 15+ years as a sole proprietor or senior principal. Byron reflects the experience of senior architectural principals, having been involved in all phases of projects from acquisition, design, documentation, management and administration, while serving commercial, mixed use, institutional, public sector, educational, and ecclesiastical markets across the USA. Byron holds a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies degree and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Washington State University in Pullman, WA.

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