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BIM for Owners

Using BIM in design and construction

Owners and managers need to interact and understand how BIM will affect their design projects. Designers and builders have many tools at their disposal that can improve the communication in the team and to the owner.

Tools owners can access via the design team

BIM As Built Models

Many owners are looking for as built drawings (models) to be delivered in electronic BIM form. This differs from CAD files due to the intelligence embedded in the models. Owners need to create and maintain standards for these deliverables to allow for fast access to the intelligence and for the model to "talk" with existing systems

Quarry Group has developed tools and process to make this a reality. We understand how BIM data needs to be formatted to take full advantage of the asset and space management. We also are working on tools to take BIM data to a facility management and maintenance system.

Facilities Management

Once owners have As built models, the data can be used for facility management and maintenance. Most BIM models can provide data to CAFM and CMMS systems with verification.

The BIM model provides a complete reference to manage new and existing tenants, improve sustainability, plan future renovations and uses.


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