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BIM Standards

bim design standards

Standards and Templates

Standards are a necessity for BIM. BIM standards are more than the layers and graphics used in current CAD standards. BIM standards incorporate element naming, model location, element design and property definition. Managers need accurate data to ensure the model is correct, meets applicable codes and meets the budget. To accomplish this in a complex model users need to sort and reduce the data set.

Quarry Group produces and provides custom template creation for a number of different BIM standards

Design BIM Standards

Construction BIM Standards

bim construction standards

Along with Design standards, constructions standards take the model to the next level of completeness allowing contractors and estimators to perform virtual construction on the model using 4D scheduling and 5D estimating in addition to the Design Standards.

Construction BIM standards include:

Owner BIM Standards


Owners and project managers need to understand how the BIM process during design and construction is evolving and what is happening with the models and designs. Owners also need to have data and graphics delivered at the end of the construction that meets their needs for future Life-Cycle Management processes. Due to the amount and complex nature of the data, this must be done during the design and construction phase. Quarry can educate owners on what to standardize and assist with the creation of standards for project deliverables
Owner BIM information

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