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BIM Adoption Strategy

Company BIM Strategy

Quarry services often start with an internal strategic discussion about BIM, your firm, and how you do business. The best BIM implementation addresses not just the technology and what it can deliver for your projects, but an integration into your services and the profit models that drive your business. Our strategic services also include helping you evaluate and chose software, and analyze and establish your internal return on investment. We're brutally honest about what the software can and can't do (we don't make money from software sales.)

Quarry Group can facilitate and provide a written BIM Strategy in a half to full day session with your principals and managers. Quarry Group is available to follow up with the client periodically to update and adjust the strategy.

bim strategy

BIM Strategy components

  • Primary authoring software selection
  • Pilot project identification
  • Pilot Team selection (Users, Designers, Managers)
  • Project Schedule
    • Key BIM deliverables and checkpoints
    • Key model checking points
  • Pitfalls and avoidance
  • Costs based on labor, software and consulting
  • Deliverable formats
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